Children want to discover the world for themselves, starting with nature and insects. Our Bugs playground equipment in the form of abstract bugs helps them do just that.

Kids love to experiment

The equipment creates a stimulating natural environment for children aged 2-12 years in which they can experiment. These children want to discover everything themselves, starting with insects on the ground, on twigs or in the grass. These are the first animals that children play and discover nature with.

The Bugs series was developed to offer children a safe, orderly place where they can explore nature and set their imaginations free. The Bugs series consists of unique, colourful small and bigger playground equipment in the form of abstract insects on which children can wiggle, twist, climb and slide. Their abstract form stimulates children’s imagination and lets them acquire knowledge about insects and nature without them knowing it. Bekijk de animatie van Spider meets Spider: een groot klim- en klautertoestel uit de Bugsserie.


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The Bugs playground equipment is timeless, inspired by the book “Eric in the Land of the Insects” by Godfried Bomans. In his dream, an 8-year-old boy walks among the insects in the painting above his bed and learns about nature and the insect kingdom. He also learns valuable lessons from the insects. Take a look at all the Bugs playground equipment in our product list.



Bugs playground equipment offers everything for children 2 to 12 years. The children will love wiggling, twisting, seesawing, sliding or climbing on the ladybird, dragonfly, snail, caterpillar, worm or butterfly. Bigger children can have fun on the non-stinging mosquito or seven friendly spiders. Get climbing!