All playground equipment is handmade. For today’s and tomorrow’s generation.

The founder of IJslander made the first playground equipment from stainless steel twenty years ago. Custom built by hand. That showed guts and vision, as sustainable playground equipment at that time was still few and far between. Just like he believed in his concept, so do we today, because IJslander playground equipment is durable, easy to maintain and has a longer depreciation period. That is because they are manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle principle. And after their long life, our stainless-steel sport and playground equipment can look forward to a new lease on life in the form of a new product.

Taludglijbaan van IJslander, speeltoestel

Customized slides

With our many years of expertise, IJslander can customise almost any slide. For example, a slope slide, indoor slide, double slide or even a tunnel slide. For example, tunnel slides can also serve as an escape route from a building. Or can be used as indoor slides. The tunnel slide is also suitable as an additional attraction in a shopping centre, for example. After all, a slide is much more fun than stairs or a lift! Have a look at our customized slides.


Waterspeeltoestel Plons van IJslander

Playing in water

Children are guaranteed to have loads of fun with our water-spraying playground equipment. And for the little ones, there are water troughs in which they can play safely, because the water continuously flows away. Would you like a customised water playground unit? We can do that too. Please contact us! Or check our water playground equipment.


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