Do you slide along the siroopwafels?

On March 8, 2018 opened Gouda’s newest attraction; the siroopwafelfabriek (syrup waffle factory.) A trip to the Siroopwafelfabriek is a fantastic experience that one will not forget. Visitors step into the wonderful world of the siroopwafel. They see how the Kamphuisen siroopwafel is baked today. They also hear about the rich history of the product, which the say is the oldest siroopwafel recipe (from 1810!) Of Gouda. Do you wanna slide along the siroopwafels?

Jan Anker, owner of Banketbakkerij de Vlaam and the recipe of Kamphuisen, dreamed for years about an experience around the special siroopwafel of Kamphuisen, the oldest recipe from Gouda. “There is nowadays attention for the craft of making the waffles and people are curious about how a product is made,” says Jan Anker.

Albert Wagener, IJslander: “A craft product: the Siroopfabriek and IJslander found each other there. The slide in the factory is also a real craft product. It is specially tailored for the Siroopfabriek in Gouda and meets all their requirements. Everything was manually welded and installed and realized in a very short period of time, in which the plans had to be adapted to meet all safety requirements. Quite a job, especially in combination with the glassware construction in the factory, but the result is impressive. A real addition to the experience. ”

Walk trough the factory and see their slide.


Customized Slides

One of the first playground equipment that IJslander made was a stainless steel slide. Now, more than twenty years later, we are many slides further and we can rightfully call ourselves expert in this field. A tunnel slide in the school yard, as escape route instead of a firebreak or for embankment slides? A single or double slide? No problem. We don’t mind what you want, we can make it. Take a look at our slides.

IJslander takes care of your wishes, provides safety regulations and makes a customized slide. And with the sustainable production process of the RVS slides and use of 100% recyclable materials, means that our smartly designed appliances can be reused for other items, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum and preventing a waste of resources. This is IJslander’s interpretation of the Cradle to Cradle concept.