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Madera Playground in Australia

Wodonga Council is committed to providing high quality play spaces in their city. The Wodonga Council wanted a nature-based playground. With the guidance of our Australian agent Imagination Play and through participation and feedback of the residents of Wodonga the final design was made.

They chose a playground design with Madera equipment. This equipment has a nature-based focus with natural elements for climbing and imaginative play. Some of the equipment has green coating, EPDM, and rope for a pop of color. The natural coating and green tones fit in effortlessly with the environment.

Children from 4 to 12 years can play on the climbing frames, slides, swings, seesaws and use their imagination. Fun for everyone!

The playground consists of the following equipment:

1413 Madera Swing

1406 Madera Seesaw

1220 Rocking motor bike with green coating

1407 Madera Combination Equipment

1337 Dragonfly with green coating

1405 Madera Bird’s Nest Swing

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