CITYBOX FOR BUNDES GARTENSCHAU IN ERFURT, GERMANY | IJslander | Urban sport and play solutions


During the Bundesgartenschau in Erfurt Germany, various ideas for the outdoor space are exhibited (Bundesgartenschau is comparable to Floriade Expo in the Netherlands). One of the architects chose to show the Citybox as an inspiration for implementing sports in a natural outdoor space. Because the sports cage is transparent and made of stainless steel (which reflects the environment), it forms a beautiful whole with any environment.

In collaboration with our agent Sibana handelsvertretung and the architect, a Citybox is designed of 25 x 15 meters with sides of 6 and 4 meters high. The 6 meter high sides consist of v-beams. With these beams the height of 6 meters can be reached. The 4 meter high sides consist of round posts and thus have the typical IJslander Citybox look.

A second IJslander Citybox will be installed in Erfurt soon. The BUGA starts on Friday 21.04.2021 and lasts until Sunday 10.10.2021.


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