Citybox slightly different in Flemingsberg Park

A fully customized sports cage in a twirl shape with green balls. Visitors of all ages can fully enjoy the renovated Flemingsberg Park with circus theme in the center of Flemingsberg, between the university area and the Grantorp residential area. Our Swedish agent CADO supplied the Citybox. 


The Park

The Flemingsberg Park was designed in consultation with the citizens and in collaboration with artist Linda Bäckström en Black Light Design ontworpen. It has become a public meeting place in the center of the neighborhood, where the park feeling is key. The park is divided into different parts to create a balance between action and tranquility. The Citybox is part of the popular active part of the park. Multiple sports can be played in the cage, including football and basketball.


The Citybox is a transparant design that blends nicely into the environment. Thanks to the use of stainless steel, this cage is durable, maintenance-friendly and vandal-proof and will remain beautiful for years!

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