Beweegtoestellen voor jongeren en senioren

Young and old exercise together in Eindhoven

After seeing a TV programme profiling IJslander as a visionary developer and producer of exercise equipment, mental health services (GGzE) in the city of Eindhoven invited us for a meeting. As their fourth supplier, they asked us to think about the design of an exercise space for young people and for old people. Our idea was well received, and they decided to choose IJslander.

GGzE supports children, youth and adults with psychiatric problems, helping them find their way back to society as well as possible. Regular exercise helps with that. To integrate this structurally into treatment programmes, GGzE wanted to create and exercise space where everyone – children, youth, adults and the elderly – can exercise.


Based on GGzE’s criteria and the available area, IJslander designed an exercise garden with eleven exercise devices and a sports cage in consultation with a physiotherapist. The exercises on the Fit4Life exercise equipment for the youth and the elderly complement each other so well that they can train effectively and do their exercises precisely in a way that keeps them fit and healthy. Children and young people can work out in the low-noise, transparent and low-maintenance Citybox at the edge of the exercise garden.

IJslander sportkooi op maat gemaakt

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Exercise garden with Fit4Life equipment and a Citybox at GGZ, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Exercise garden concepts

IJslander has various existing concepts for designing an exercise garden and fitting it with machines for the elderly. But we can also produce custom exercise gardens too. And to make the exercise garden a success, IJslander also a complete exercise programme and professional support. Research shows that older people prefer to work out together and with support. That way, they know they are doing the right exercises and they have social contact too. Making it fun to do! Would you like to know more? Please contact us.


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