IJslander BarForz S veld beweegtoestellen voor Calisthenics en Bootcamp

Sports and games on the waterside

Young people and adults work out on exercise machines or play a game of basketball while children swing, somersault or climb. And all in one place at a unique waterfront location in the heart of Groningen.

The sports area and playground was conceived and developed in partnership with the design department of the city of Groningen. The brief was to: create a sports area and playground and create unity. The result: all IJslander equipment – BarForz S, basketball pole, horizontal bars and bird’s nest swing – all have the same RAL colour as the lines on the surface. These same lines connect all sports and play equipment together. Project & consultancy bureau Donkergroen were responsible for the rubber subsurface in which the lines, hopscotch path and running track were marked out.

Next to that independent research proofs that BarForz has an added value to the neighbourhood! Click here for more information.



Not just for City folks

While young people and adults work out using the BarForz exercise apparatus for Calisthenics and Bootcamp activities, children can play freely in the adjacent field. Convenient for the locals, but also for passers-by who moor their boats at this unique waterside location at Oosterkade. Walk the plank to exercise!


Calishtenics en bootcamp beweegtoestellen

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Unique sports and play area at the watersite in the center of Groningen, the Netherlands

BarForz demo field

Are you looking for exercise equipment for the local youngsters keen on sports, but you can no longer see the wood for the trees? In that case, install BarForz demo field to introduce outdoor sports enthusiasts to our Calisthenics and Bootcamp exercise equipment. IJslander is so convinced of the added value of these exercise machines that we are happy to install a BarForz S demo field for an agreed period. Have you decided you don’t want to buy the equipment? That’s okay, we’ll come around and remove it. Do you like the equipment? Great, then we’ll leave it in place. Would you like to know more? Contact us!

IJslander BarForz S demoveld

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We will get in touch with you a.s.a.p.