Climbing stimulates children’s memory, teaching them to solve problems better and is good for mental and social development. So let them climb on our BYO playground equipment to their hearts’ delight!

Climbing and clambering

BYO playground equipment is specially designed for children aged 5-12 years, based on research in 2008 from the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association by Norquist. The research indicates that climbing boosts children’s memory, teaches them to solve problems better and is good for mental and social development. These play motivations have also been fully incorporated into our BYO playground equipment.

In addition, the modular system of our BYO series is unique. As a result, additional elements can be added to the playground equipment, thereby increasing their play value. For example, walkways, a roof or climbing nets can be added. Anything is possible with this timeless playground equipment.


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BYO Colour

Not enough energy to decide on a colour yourself? Then choose BYO equipment with Sweet, Crazy, Happy and Nature colour themes. These cheerful colours appeal to children and stimulate them to play together. Have a look at our colour themes here.


Open structure

BYO playground equipment is open so as to not attract loiterers and so that parents and caregivers can keep an eye on the playing children. Have a look at some examples of BYO playground equipment in our product list.