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BYO Kiev

Article 1019

The BYO Kiev has a watchtower and height staggered climbing platforms where children can meet. Furthermore, the BYO Kiev has the following playing elements: stairs, climbing net, fire pole and slide. The BYO Kiev is standard equipped with a green climbing net, a blue/green panel and a blue roof.

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Play values of the BYO Kiev:

  1. Meeting & Fantasy
  2. Slide
  3. Climbing, ladder
  4. Sliding pole

Benefits of the BYO Kiev:

  • Modular system allowing devices to be easily adaptable.
  • Colour themes available: Happy, Crazy, Sweet and Nature.
  • Available in any standard RAL colour.
  • Ropes are available in the colours: reed, blue, green and black.
  • TÜV certified.


4.16 x 2.18 x 3.4



5 - 10 years

Fall height

1.23 m

Tags Blog climbing Glijden Klimmen Sliding
DescriptionBYO Kiev
Age category as of5
Age category up to10
Length of equipment4.16 m
Width of equipment2.18 m
Height of equipment3.4 m
Safezone length7.64 m
Safezone width5.16 m
Fall height1.23 m
Foundation m2 (min. calculation)41.6185 m2
Total weight315 kg
Heaviest part71 kg
Number of people7
Assembly hours (couple)15uren00
Construction materialsRVS (99,5) Polyester (0,5)_x000D_ _x000D_

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