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Safe playing environment for the children

The smallest amongst us need a safe, and at the same time challenging, playing environment.

It’s also important to stimulate interaction between younger and older children, as they learn a lot from each other.


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Our research shows that children up to 6 years old mostly enjoy climbing and scrambling, followed by pretend play and sliding.

These favorite activities are fully included in IJslander’s Bambino equipment. The Bambino playground equipment is focussed on children up to 6 years old.

It is smaller in size than regular playground equipment and more transparent and abstract.

As a result, Bambino offers an interesting and challenging playing environment, that stimulates imagination and develops motor skills and interplay without tiring the children.

Long lifespan

Stainless steel has a long technical depreciation and is therefore cheaper over the entire lifespan than most other materials.


Stainless steel is less susceptible to dirt and bacteria


The equipment is vandal-proof and therefore suitable for public spaces

Bambino equipment

Bambino equipment is functional (children develop and hone their motor skills during play) and easily accessible for parents/caregivers, so they can comfortably help and play with the little ones.
Playing on the Bambino equipment stimulates movement, motor skills and physical and cognitive development. Children develop themselves in a playful way. They have their own special corner in the playground, because Bambino equipment isn’t appealing to older children.

A key characteristic of IJslander equipment is that it often has abstract shapes to stimulate the children’s imagination. This is also reflected in our Basic series. Children don’t need frills to inspire them. Moreover, our research has shown that frills can actually obstruct their fantasy. Without frills, children are stimulated and challenged to invent their own play and to use their imagination.

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