Safe escape route with a slide

Everyone hopes that they will never have to use it: ​​the escape route from a building. But what if it is necessary? How do you reach the ground floor as fast as you can?

A kindergarten in Daisendorf (Germany) had these questions. The stairs in the building are easily accessible for small children for everyday use. But it’s not the easiest way to get them all out when it’s urgent. In order to allow the toddlers to escape as quickly and safely as possible, they called in the help of IJslander.

IJslander has developed a special slide for the school. In this way the children do not have to climb stairs in an emergency situation. This slide is safe and easy to use and the children will be quickly outside and on the ground. If necessary, the slide can also be reached from the ground with a staircase. This is specially made for the fire brigade. The firemen can use the stairs to get quickly on the first floor. The stairs are closed at the top with a fence, so that children are safe on the platform and only go down with the slide.

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