This Bambino series are specially made for kids until 6 years old. They are challenged and will develop by playing.


Your own playground

Young childeren need to have a playground specially for there needs. To evolve fantasy, locomotion, and play. This will make playing not only funnier, it is more save to, to play on playground equipment in the right level of developement. They have an own playground so they will not be overrruled by the bigger kids.

IJslander made this Bambino playground equipment together with the TU Twente for the very best results. This playground equipment are smaller than the regular equipment, quieter in color and motion, transparant and abstract. They will challange the childeren to use there fantasy, develope there playing skills. This Bambino playground equipment stimulate the motor skills, the cognitive- and social/emotional development for childeren untill 6 years old. They develop by playing. So much fun!






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Waterig Holland

The results of the research from TU Twente says that childeren untill 6 years old love to climb and clamber, followed by fantasy games and glide. Based on this fact we developed five playground appliances with the theme Waterig Holland. Wich means nothing more than water in Holland. Like The Bambino Columbus: An big ship were the little ones can climb and clamber, wobble and glide. Later on this series are comprehensed with another six appliances. This eleven different playing equipments are made to challenge childeren until six years old, without being dangerous. See all our Bambino playground equipment in our product overview.