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Looking for waterplay equipment?

In summer, it is not only fun to play outside, but also to experiment with water.

Our range includes several styles of water equipment that allow children to play with water in different ways.

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Children are very attracted to water. Not all children are able to swim or have the opportunity to go to an indoor or outdoor pool, or even a garden to set up a swimming pool. To ensure that all children can splash and play with water, IJslander developed waterplay equipment.

The big advantage of this equipment; children can play safely with water, not only because they don’t have to be able to swim, but also because the water runs away immediately, maintaining it’s good quality.

Long lifespan

Stainless steel has a long technical depreciation and is therefore cheaper over the entire lifespan than most other materials.


Stainless steel is less susceptible to dirt and bacteria


The equipment is vandal-proof and therefore suitable for public spaces

The Plons

Even a classic water bowl doesny have to be boring; children can come up with their own ideas and fantasy play. A simple water bowl then transforms into a wild river, a busy ship channel or anything else the children want it to be.

Children aren’t just limited to playing on the equipment during the warm summer weather: the Plons is the only water equipment in the Netherlands that has climbing nets, making it challenging even when there is no water coming out of it. Small children can splash around in the water bowls with sand (and rain). Awesome!

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