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inclusive play or sports location

All children are equal and should have equal opportunities to play and move together.

We think it’s important that every child, regardless of any limitations, can play and exercise together or alone.


Everyone can play and move together at an inclusive playground.

It’s a safe place where children of all levels can get together. A place designed so all children, with and without disabilities, and their families can play, move and learn together.

An inclusive playground doesn’t have barriers, both physical and social. For example, for the little ones there is Bambino Flow;

an equipment with various game elements low to the ground. In order to involve all children, a playground should offer several sensory experiences. This means that the different colors, structures and sounds should be used in the playground.

Our interactive equipment stimulate multiple senses with sound, light and smells. Moreover it’s important that the equipment is accessible for all children. The sand and water tables are a perfect example. These tables and are low to the ground what makes them accessible for everyone and they provide many stimuli.

Social playground

The social aspect of the playground is also an important part that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten!

Children and their families should have the opportunity to rest, to play independently or to play side by side. Our outdoor game tables are ideal for less intensive play.

Besides our standard equipment we also design and create custom made playground and sport equipment, accordingly to all your wishes.


A well designed inclusive playground is physically accessible for everyone and the equipment offers opportunities for children with a physical disability to participate.


In addition, it’s important that an inclusive playground connects children through various stimuli and equipment so every child feels welcome to participate.


An inclusive playground is a collection of playground equipment, open spaces, resting areas and infrastructure, which together make the perfect playground for everybody to enjoy.

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