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The IJslander Citybox is a transparent sports cage made of posts and beams with special sound-absorbing cables and fits into any environment. The Citybox not only offers children and youngsters a place to play football or basketball, but it is also a gathering place in the neighbourhood. The Citybox is completely customizable and can be equipped with (combi)goals, a roof net, multiple entrances and various surfaces.

In order to encourage young people in the neighbourhood to play sports together, the Citybox can also be equipped with an Urban Sports Battle sign with a QR code to a dedicated website. Footballing youngsters can then upload their football tricks or view the football tricks of others. Explore the various versions of the standard models on this website.

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Sports values of the Citybox:

  1. Meeting & Fantasy
  2. Playing soccer
  3. Exercise
  4. Sports activities
  5. Running


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6 - 0 years

Fall height


Age category as of6
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