Building the future



It’s 1996. Wood was cheaper. Plastic was easier to process. Completely against perceived wisdom, the founder decided to make IJslander playground equipment from stainless steel. His reasoning? It is stylish, durable and virtually maintenance-free.

It was not always easy to convince potential customers of our long-term vision. Competition repeatedly made things difficult for us. We saw cheap products from China come and go. We have seen times when it was a struggle to survive. But we continued to firmly believe in the appeal, strength and longevity of our timeless equipment. And eventually it paid off.

This conviction laid the foundation of the international company that we built with our bare hands. We still make our sports and play equipment from the highest quality recycled material, we use less energy and emit less CO2.

For more than twenty years, IJslander has been building the future. We teach children and young people to discover more about themselves and the world around them and to grow. We show adults that playtime and exercise can still be fun. And we challenge the elderly to remain fit and active. We aim to achieve a circular economy, where everything is 100% recyclable. This is because we are in it for the generations of today as well as those of tomorrow.



IJslander has been part of the Crowd Group since 2015. The Crowd Group includes IJslander (sports and play equipment) and Velopa Citystyle (street furniture and bicycle parking facilities) and the UK-based Cyclepods (bicycle parking). For more information, see: www.crowdoutside.coml.