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Custom made slide?

Are you looking for the perfect slide? IJslander has got your back!

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Slides are, and always will be, fun – for both children and adults. They can be used for different purposes: as a fun element in an outdoor or indoor playground, in the office (what’s more fun than sliding down instead of taking the stairs?!), as a unique attraction in a museum or restaurant, or as an evacuation slide. However, every building, playground and environment is different and a slide should also be safe for everyone.

IJslander has been making high-quality stainless steel sports and playground equipment for more than 25 years. We specialize in customized stainless steel slides and chutes.

Stainless steel is ideally suited for slides: it doesn’t tear, splinter, discolour or break. We weld our slides from one piece, preventing welding seams. Next to that, stainless steel is virtually maintenance free and vandal resistant.

Long lifespan

Stainless steel has a long technical depreciation and is therefore cheaper over the entire lifespan than most other materials.


Stainless steel is less susceptible to dirt and bacteria


The equipment is vandal-proof and therefore suitable for public spaces

The best solution for your situation

At IJslander, our team are all professionals with love and passion for their craft. They make our stainless steel slides fully to measure, in terms of both form and size. And, just like all our other equipment, by hand! This passion and love for the profession guarantees the best possible result. Together we will look for the best solution for your situation and we will look into all possibilities to design the perfect slide.

More than a playground item

Slides are no longer just playing equipment for toddlers and children in playgrounds. We also design and manufacture striking custom made stainless steel embankment slides (single, double or super wide) and special tunnel slides. As an additional attraction at a school yard or in a shopping mall, as an emergency exit route instead of stairs or ladder fire escape, or as a very special object in …a restaurant!

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