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Custom made skate park

Custom made skate park

At a skate park people don’t only stay fit, but also engage more in social contact. Skateboarding, skating, BMX, boarding: anything is possible at an IJslander skate park!

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From skating in an empty pool to somersaults on a fully fledged skating paradise. Years ago, empty pools and tubes were used as skating rinks in America. Why? Because these looked like waves, and skateboarding is basically like surfing on concrete. Over the years, skate parks have evolved more and more. Nowadays you will find a lot more than just skateboards at a skate park.

Inline skating, BMX, scootering, skating: anything can be done at a skate park these days. It is a well-balanced set of organic shapes that provides the perfect stage for enthusiastic young people. We understand all too well what these young people want. We build custom skate parks, where everyone gets excited to move and have fun.

Skate park for and with the neighborhood

Are you looking for a custom made skate park? We are very excited about that! We are buzzing with ideas and plans, but always keep the most important thing in mind: the end user. That’s why – when we build a skate park – we meet up with the people who are going to use it. What do they find important, what should absolutely not be missing? Half pipes, banked ramps, trick boxes, rails: anything is possible. In consultation with the end users and the client, we come up with amazing designs and skate parks fit for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

More than just a skate park

A skate park can be much more than an athletic track. In previous projects, we have combined skate parks with our Barforz fitness equipment, creating an environment where people are able to exercise without a skateboard as well. In this way, the skate park becomes a meeting place, where everyone participates and keeps active. The whole neighborhood. Do you have an idea for a  custom made skate park? We are more than happy to help you create whatever you have in mind!

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