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A swing made of Robinia or stainless steel? With or without anti-wrap bearings? Toddler seat or bird’s nest or rather both? Everything is possible! Create your own swing!

Anyone can

Swinging is a favourite play movement from children to adults. The movement is good for the development of various skills such as balance, space awareness, coordination and agility.

IJslander has designed a new swing
The swing has an anti-twist function as standard. And you have the choice to equip the swing with normal bearings or anti-wrap bearings. Anti-wrap ensures that the seat can never be turned up on the top beam and this is very handy for the maintenance manager of the playground.

In addition, there is a choice of different seats and materials. This allows you to make the suitable swing for your project. The possibilities for compiling the configurable swing are endless.

Countless possibilities of the configurable swing
The new IJslander configurable swing is made in such a way that you can put it together yourself and offers you a wide choice. The flexible, modular system offers the possibility to connect several swings together.
You can also choose from different materials for the uprights. There are sturdy Robinia uprights, recycled stainless steel with low CO2 emissions and the same stainless steel but in a curved version.

There are different seats for different ages and the choice of standard bearings or the unique anti-wrap bearings.

In this way, there is a perfect swing for every age and every taste and playground!

NEW! Configurable swing

To make swinging fun and attractive for everyone, we have developed a new configurable swing. You can opt for uprights made of Robinia, stainless steel or curved stainless steel, for various seats and for a number of portals.

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