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Create flexible sports or play area?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could let the play areas grow with the neighbourhood?

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The palygrounds in our neighbourhoods were created more than 10 years ago, when young families first came to live there. Do you see the problem? The children from then are now adolescents and no longer interested in the equipment. So now what? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the play area could grow along with us? We have the solution: Click & Play.

Click & Play is an advanced click system, consisting of building blocks and ground pots, creating a fixed grid on which the equipment can be ‘clicked’.

Three building blocks have been designed, with which a playground can be set up. Multiple building blocks can be placed on a playground.

Check out the video and discover Click & Play!

The advantages of Click & Play:

1. Cost savings

With Click & Play, the installed play equipment can quickly be removed and swapped for new equipment at minimal cost. We simply install the new equipment on the existing surface. And the used equipment? We give it a second life in another place. You could even take advantage of the Click & Play based on a user fee. Convenient, because there is no need to make a major investment.


2. Flexibility

Another big advantage of Click & Play is the flexibility. Children get bigger and outgrow the regular play equipment at their playground. They get bored. Or perhaps the neighbourhood rejuvenates and the smaller kids are unable to play on playground equipment intended for older children. A wonderful playground can turn into a hangout or an unloved playground in a relatively short time. Click & Play allows the spaces to grow in line with the needs of growing children and continue to captivate them.

3. Durability

Also important: durability. At IJslander, we don’t only think of today, but also of the world of tomorrow. This is why we build low-maintenance, vandal-resistant and recyclable equipment from stainless steel (including recycled stainless steel). This results in a minimal environmental impact and maximum added value for the user. Our goal is to add beauty to your outdoor space and pass it on to the next generations, so they can enjoy it as well. Our aim is to achieve a circular economy in which everything will become 100% recyclable.

4. Participation in top form

Any space can be converted at any time to meet the needs of the neighbourhood. Has the swing fallen out of use? That’s okay, we’ll move it to a new location. In consultation with local residents, we will then decide what equipment to install at the now vacant space.

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