Fifty+ Multi bench

Article 1374

Many exercises can be performed on the Fit4Life Multi Bench, which uses your own body weight. The basic exercises include training for muscle strength in the legs, abdomen and arms, by doing squats, sit-ups and pull-ups. This can be varied with several exercises. The EPDM on the backrest and seat is blue.


Sports Values of the Fit4Life Multi Bench:
1. Socialising
2. Suppleness
3. Agility
4. Muscle strength
5. Exercise
6. Sports activities
7. Outdoor fitness
8. Cardio

Benefits of Fit4Life exercise equipment:
– TÜV certified.
– Developed in collaboration with TNO and Top Health Partners physiotherapists.
– The high seat of the Fit4Life Multi Bench is easily accessible for seniors.

Dimensions (LxWxH)
0.89 x 0.50 x 1.50
Age min-max
20 - 99 years
Fall height
0.5 m
Fall foundation
  • Article
  • Description
    Fifty+ Multi bench
  • Age category as of
  • Age category up to
  • Length of equipment
    0.89 m
  • Width of equipment
    0.50 m
  • Height of equipment
    1.50 m
  • Safe zone length
    3.89 m
  • Safe zone width
    3.50 m
  • Fall height
    0.5 m
  • Fall foundation class
  • Number of people
  • Assembly hours (couple)
Explanation surface class
No fall surface needed.
Fall surface needed. Minimum natural surface (gras, sand, etc.)
Mandatory fall-absorbing surface. Thickness depends on the falling height.

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