Citybox Arena 24x12x3/1m

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Benefits Citybox Arena 24x12x3/1m

  • Low-noise thanks to sound-absorbing cables.
  • Transparent structure, keeping sight lines open.
  • Creates a gathering place in the neighbourhood.
  • Can be fitted with an Urban Sports Battle sign.
  • Available in any standard RAL colour.
  • The existing gate has been replaced by a removable fence. This ensures that it is still accessible to, for example, a sweeo truck.
  • Basketball hoop at official game height (3,05m)
  • CO2 savings by reusing parts from old Cityboxes and also using 86% recycled materials.
  • Vandal–proof, because no surfaces for graffiti, cutting or scratching.
  • Resilient cables that don‘t break.
  • The sophisticated round back wall provides access to the field through the goal, also for wheelchair users.

Product description

This transparent Citybox of 24 x 12×3/1m is made of tubes with special, sound absorbing cables. Furthermore, this Citybox has two multigoals, two entrygates and a removable fence. This ensures that it is still accessible to, for example, a sweep truck.
Due to the low–noise cables, the sports cage fits into any environment and offers a place for sports enthusiasts to exercise without disturbing the neighborhood.

The Citybox is available with various accessories such as (combi)goals, a roofnet and an Urban Sports Battle board. It comes standard with a basketball hoop at official game height of 3.05m.
The Citybox Arena has been developed with fewer raw materials, but with the same quality as the original Citybox, so it has a low entry price.

A Citybox consists of 85% recycled material and we use materials from old Cityboxes for reuse, which saves us a lot of CO2.

Play Values Citybox Arena 24x12x3/1m

  1. Sports activities
  2. Playing soccer
  3. Playing basketball
  4. Meeting & Fantasy
  5. Running


23,114 x 12 x 3,05 m



5 - 99 years

Fall height

0 m

Age category as of5
Age category up to99
Length of equipment23,11 m
Width of equipment12,00 m
Height of equipment3,05 m
Safezone length24,00 m
Safezone width12,00 m
Foundation m2 (min. calculation) 275,00 m²
Total weight3100 kg
Heaviest part70 kg
Number of people20
Assembly hours (couple)0uren00
Materials (inc. percentage)RVS (98) galvanized steel(1,5) Chemical anchor (0,2) polyethylene (0,1)

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