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Twenty+ Monkey bar

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Benefits of the Twenty+ Monkey bars:

  • Developed in collaboration with TNO and Top Health Partners physiotherapists.
  • TÜV certified.

Product description

The Fit4Life Monkey Bars consist of six uprights with a horizontal ladder. The device is used for training flexibility, agility and muscle strength of the torso, arms and hands. It can also be used as part of a running track for stretching or muscle exercises during running training.

Sports Values of the Twenty+ Monkey bars:

  1. Socialising
  2. Suppleness
  3. Agility
  4. Muscle strength
  5. Exercise
  6. Sports activities
  7. Outdoor fitness


4.29 x 1.09 x 2.17



10 - 99 years

Fall height

2.1 m

DescriptionMonkey bar
Age category as of10
Age category up to99
Length of equipment4.29 m
Width of equipment1.09 m
Height of equipment2.17 m
Safezone length8.09 m
Safezone width4.89 m
Fall height2.1 m
Foundation m2 (min. calculation)39.5601 m2
Total weight189 kg
Heaviest part42 kg
Number of people7
Assembly hours (couple)9uren00
Construction materialsRVS (100)

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