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BarForz S gym

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Benefits of the BarForz S:

  • Modular system. The S field can be easily expanded to M or XL fields.
  • Creates a meeting spot in the neighbourhood.
  • A demo field can be installed.
  • Also visit
  • Extra grip because of bead blasting.
  • Available in any standard RAL colour.
  • TÜV certified.

Product description

People doing calisthenics or taking part in a boot camp can use the BarForz S field to train their bodies and practise their tricks. The BarForz S comes with the features: Decline Push Ups, Dip Bar, Dragon Flag, Human Flag Stairs, Human Flag T, Monkey Bar and Pull Ups. This allows calisthenics and boot camp enthusiasts to enjoy a complete workout. Of course, BarForz exercise equipment can also be used by other outdoor sports enthusiasts. The complete equipment is bead blasted.

Sports values of the BarForz S:

  1. Socialising
  2. Exercising
  3. Doing calisthenics
  4. Boot camp
  5. Outdoor fitness


8,2 x 5,46 x 2,84 m



16 - 99 years

Fall height

1,49 m

DescriptionBarForz S gym
Age category as of16
Age category up to99
Length of equipment8,20 m
Width of equipment5,46 m
Height of equipment2,84 m
Safezone length112,00 m
Safezone width878,00 m
Fall height1,49 m
Foundation m2 (min. calculation) 68,50 m²
Total weight704 kg
Heaviest part75 kg
Number of people11
Assembly hours (couple)15uren00
Materials (inc. percentage)RVS (98) EPDM (1) Aluminium (1)
Construction materialsRVS (Staanders: koker 80x80x3mm, bar: 42,4x3mm, bar: 33,7x3mm), bevestigingsmateriaal: Imbusbout M12x10, lage imbusbout M10x120 en M10x20, carrosseriering M10, borgmoer M10, dopmoer M10

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