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The IJslander installation team

IJslander has its own team of specialists for the installation of our durable, safe and low-maintenance play and sports equipment.

Just like our designers and production staff, our technicians always aim to provide the highest quality. They install any device to perfection, therefore ensuring that the neighbourhood sports area or playground are safe and high-quality.



Strong in inspection and maintenance

Apart from the installation of our equipment, we also provide certified inspection and maintenance services. Our quality standards are just as high as for the production and installation of sports and play equipment. Inspection and maintenance by IJslander means you can rely on a high-quality product that remains in excellent condition.

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Certified inspectors

Various IJslander employees are also SVS* and SVS** certified. This means that they have been trained by the Safe Play Foundation (Stichting Veilig Spelen). This foundation provides thorough training in order to improve and assess the training of inspectors and the quality of playground equipment in public spaces. It does this by setting exams and registering qualified SVS inspectors.

IJslander works together with SpeelPlan, an organisation that inspects playgrounds and sports areas. SpeelPlan is an expert in performing safety inspections of playgrounds. Their inspectors are all SVS** certified and receive regular training to keep their knowledge up to date.

IJslander works with the Data Control Transponder Technology (DCTT) organisation for the inspection of playgrounds and sports areas. An experienced and extensive certified body that regularly trains its staff. They also have a handy online tool so that inspections can be tracked easily and securely, and repairs can be carried out quickly.