A playground with a natural look

Children are stimulated by their environment and the nature to experiment and discover.

jonge kinderen die natuurlijk spelen

and play

Children are stimulated by their environment and the nature to experiment and discover. At the same time, there is a need to offer children a safe, well-organized place where they can discover nature and let their imagination run wild.

Natural playing is becoming increasingly popular. We feel the need to be outdoors, especially when the sun is out.

People are getting more aware of how important the environment is to humans and that we must protect our planet.

IJslander offers you several options to create a natural playground where children from the ages 2 to 12 years can play in a safe, well-organized and discover nature.

Long lifespan

Stainless steel has a long technical depreciation and is therefore cheaper over the entire lifespan than most other materials.


Stainless steel is less susceptible to dirt and bacteria


The equipment is vandal-proof and therefore suitable for public spaces

The Madera line

Stainless steel playground equipment with a natural look through the use of a special, light brown coating. This suggests the looks of wood, enhanced by the rough coating, but made of indestructible stainless steel. Due to the use of durable stainless steel, the equipment has a long lifespan and remains beautiful. Another special feature of the Madera equipment: the special shape – curved posts – challenges children to use their imagination. That curve could be anything. The Madera line consists of modular, unique and certified playground equipment and makes ‘natural play’ maintenance-free!

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