IJslander speeltoestel uit de Pencil serie


Climbing between huge pencils, erasers and sharpeners. It almost doesn’t get any better!



Pencil playground equipment is designed in collaboration with a primary school in order to stimulate children’s experience in an educational environment (school). The coloured concrete unit for children from 4 years consists of large, abstract pencils, erasers and sharpeners which children can climb and slide between. This also makes it fun to learn to write!

The Pencil equipment comes in different, cheerful colours familiar to children. This means the Pencil does not necessarily have to be in a schoolyard, as the fun oversized form stimulates children in the neighbourhood to play and climb. The extensive net structures allow for plenty of social interaction.


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Our Pencil playground equipment stimulates children’s creativity so that even dreamers can play on them in the playground or in the neighbourhood. Active children can climb onto the unit, while dreamers and thinkers can get creative with the pavement chalk next to the unit. Take a look at our Pencil playground equipment in our product list.


Net structure

The net structures on the Pencil equipment offer play value for many children. They allow climbers to climb on the nets to their hearts’ delight, while those who want to chill out can have a great time just lying on the nets.