Madera Double swing 1x flat seat and 1x toddler seat

Article CS-1-DS05-M

Benefits Madera Double swing 1x flat seat and 1x toddler seat:

  • Configurable by expanding portals, choice of material and seats.
  • Utilizes a unique anti-twist system.
  • Play equipment with a designer look.
  • Transparent play equipment, keeping sight lines open.
  • Play equipment with a natural look and therefore suitable for natural play playgrounds.
  • Stimulates movement and teamwork.
  • TÜV certified.

Product description

Several children can swing at the same time on the Madera Double swing antiwrap with one flat seat and 1 toddler seat. Due to the special anti-twist bearing, the seats cannot wind up, which extends the life of the chain. At the same time, the curved poles, with the special, strong light-brown coating, stimulate the imagination of children playing, because a curve like that could be anything.

Madera equipment has a natural wooden look, but are made of  very strong stainless steel.

This swing is configurable. It can be expanded to up to 5 portals (15 meters wide). In addition, there is a choice of different materials for uprights, different seats and options for standard bearings or anti-wrap bearings with an anti-twist system.

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Play values Madera Double swing 1x flat seat and 1x toddler seat:

  1. Swinging
  2. Meet


3,74 x 3,14 x 2,54 m



0 - 12 years

Fall height

1,43 m

Tags Meet Ontmoeten Schommelen Swinging
Age category up to12
Length of equipment3,74 m
Width of equipment3,14 m
Height of equipment2,54 m
Safezone length787,00 m
Safezone width301,00 m
Fall height1,43 m
Foundation m2 (min. calculation) 23,70 m²
Total weight186 kg
Heaviest part28,41 kg
Number of people2
Assembly hours (couple)0uren00

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