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Next(reme) playground equipment is super rugged and adventurous. Ideal for older children to romp around on.


More adventure!

Older children from the age of 8 years want more adventure and more challenging play. This means more difficult and higher climbs or steep slide bars. The Next(reme) series of playground equipment was developed specially for this target group. This equipment is a little higher, bigger and more challenging than regular playground equipment. They look exciting and will appeal to older children in particular.

By playing on this equipment, children broaden their horizons, have to help each other, and are forced to think better and move around more. Next(reme) playground equipment has many play features, is challenging and encourages playing together. With Next(reme) playground equipment, children play on the edge of their abilities. Cool!


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To ensure safety when playing on Next(reme) equipment, the equipment is certified for drop height and has a higher step-up. This ensures that only bigger children can play on this equipment.

Next(reme) equipment is often extreme in terms of play value and location. Our Next(reme) equipment is unique, custom-made equipment that satisfies all our customers’ requirements. Would you like to know more? Contact us!