Stainless steel slides
A professional slide is and remains a special attraction!

Since 1996 IJslander designs and manufactures special custom made slides made of stainless steel. For young and old, for outside and inside, for fun but also very functional. As a striking attraction or to quickly evacuate for example. Just like sports and playground equipment from IJslander, our slides are also made of durable, maintenance-friendly and 100% reusable stainless steel.

Stainless steel special slides

Slides no longer limit themselves to play equipment for toddlers somewhere between other street furniture.  We also design and manufacture striking custom made stainless steel embankment slides (single, double or super wide) and special tunnel slides. As an additional attraction at a school yard or in a shopping mall, as escape route instead of a firebreak or as a very special object in a… restaurant!

Additional experience

At the airport of Nice IJslander installed a special tunnel slide for French chef Thierry Marx at his restaurant. After dinner his guest can slide down through the special stainless steel slide instead of taking the stairs. This way Thierry Marx offers his guests an additional, unforgettable, experience.

Pancake restaurant ‘Hans & Grietje’  in Zeewolde, the Netherlands, even installed two tunnel slides: an indoor and outdoor stainless steel slide. Children – and their parents – experience even more fun now at the restaurant. And, when we talk about Dutch food, did you know you can slide along the siroopwafels in the factory in Gouda?

Special glijbaan RVS

IJslander RVS glijbaan op maat

Special glijbaan RVS

Why a stainless steel slide? 

Stainless steel is ideal for slides. It does not tear, splinter, discolor or break. We weld our slides from one piece so that there a no welding seams behind which you could catch. Next to that, stainless steel is virtually maintenance free and unattractive for vandalism.


At IJslander there are purely professionals with love and passion for their profession. They make our stainless steel slides fully to measure, in terms of both form and size. And, just like all our other equipment, by hand! This passion and love for the profession guarantees the best possible result.


If you are looking for a professional slide, we would like to get in touch with you. Together we search for the best possible solution for your situation.

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