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Customized solutions

We have in-house specialists who are passionate about their profession. They can also tailor each unit, a fact that we are proud of.

Another shape, colour or size? No problem for IJslander. Thanks to our years of expertise, we are up to any task – literally any – including fully customised.


From the launch of the company in 1996, we have made all our sports and playground equipment by hand. Each post, connector, cable, chute, screw, nut, bearing and all other components are individually combined by a person to create a Citybox, exercise equipment or swing. That takes time and manpower, but delivers strong, vandal-resistant and low-maintenance sports and play equipment for the outdoor area.

The expertise we have in-house allows us to fully customise our sports and play equipment. For instance, there is a beautiful oval Citybox with a diameter of nearly 43 metres in the heart of Copenhagen, a unique ‘Speelgola’ with seemingly endless play opportunities in Den Bosch and a black-coated Citybox in Amsterdam. All eye-catchers! And that’s just a selection from our range of ‘specials’, because we regularly deliver custom sports or play equipment with a non-standard shape, colour or size.

Adventurous slides

The higher, steeper or more enclosed the slide, the more exciting and bigger the adventure for children. But the same slides can also serve as an escape route instead of a fire escape. Or as an attraction in a shopping mall, for example. You’re downstairs in a flash! Take a closer look at our slides.

We have years of experience and that’s why we can make every slide custom the way you want. Indoor or outdoor: we make the slide completely custom. More information about customized slides? Contact us or check our slides on the website.

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Custom Citybox

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A square, rectangular, round or oval Citybox? With or without netting? High fencing, low fencing, or even a combination? A free-standing or integrated football goal, or a combination, with or without powder coating? Nothing is too crazy, so challenge us with a custom product!


Our Citybox is made from a system of tubes and bars with flexible sound-absorbing cables made of stainless steel. This makes our sports cage transparent, low-noise, low-maintenance and vandalism-resistant.

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