Most versatile Calisthenics park in the south of Holland

In summer 2017, the municipality of The Hague, together with initiator Project Limitless, opened the most versatile Calisthenics park in the south of Holland at park Madestein, The Hague Loosduinen. IJslander signed for the development, production and installation of the BarForz sports equipment.

Close cooperation
Project Limitless is a sports initiative and founded by two young people from The Hague. Both have a sports training and exercise daily. Their love: Exercise with their own body weight for a fitter and stronger body. Because they want to inspire others to live healthier, Project Limitless, among other things, developed a platform for young people between the ages of 15 and 23 years who struggle with their weight. Through this platform, outdoor sports enthusiasts like people who practice Calisthenics and Bootcamp can exchange and arrange information to train in groups.

As a venue for joint training, Project Limitless already uses the BarForz sports equipment at  Zuiderpark in The Hague. However, in order to stimulate even more youngsters, they are looking for another place for a very extensive Calisthenics trail with regular and custom-made moving devices. They submit the application to the municipality of The Hague who welcomes the initiative and assigns a place in Park Madestein, The Hague Loosduinen.

IJslander is being approached to think about the design and layout of the Calisthenics trail. In close consultation with the municipality of The Hague and Project Limitless, IJslander designs a versatile Calisthenics course with regular and customized BarForz sports equipment. Our expertise convinces the municipality of The Hague, and IJslander gets the assignment to develop the Calisthenics park of 30 x 15m2.


The trail is in use amd Calisthenics, Bootcamp and other outdoor sports enthusiasts can train in a group (or solo) simultaneously at different devices. There are about 15 training options with the following functions:

  • Monkeybar
  • Bars
  • Dipbar
  • Rope climbing
  • Hooks for boxing
  • Climbing (net & pole)
  • Ab training
  • Wall squat
  • Incline/Decline & Low push up
  • Rings
  • Human flag in ladder en T-opstelling
  • Flair

The setup is also customized: the BarForz sports equipment is installed in a way the form the project Limitless logo from the sky. As a result, at the client’s request, there is also a lot of space in the middle and between the devices to be able to gather and / or do ¬†ground exercises in a group.


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Versatile BarForz track at park Madestein, The Hague Loosduinen, the Netherlands