The magical world of Port Laguna
Discover the La Sirena shipwreck


Port Laguna is the heart of Toverland Amusement Park: the central starting and ending point of the day. The entrance area has been designed as an idyllic harbor town with azure blue water, a beach and a boulevard full of activity. And that includes a tough sailing ship, delivered by IJslander.

La Sirena
On the beach of Port Laguna did not only bottles wash up, but also La Sirena. This shipwreck owes its name to the figurehead of a beautiful mermaid, who has been safely stored away by a beachcomber. The wreck, with its masts, anchors and even a cannon, contains unique play elements and play equipment. All play elements and parts are circular and to make the origin of the ship lifelike, these parts are made of wood. Children of all ages can indulge themselves and the situation take them back to centuries ago. Parents can keep an eye on things from the surrounding terraces. Click here for an animation of the play ship or view a view photos of the ship’s placement.

Magic background
This Magistralis family has been collecting all magical valuables and bottles that wash up on the beach at Port Laguna for generations. This collection is carefully tested in the ‘Magiezijn’ before being sold in the store. Magic scenes are also hidden in the various display cases and niches of Port Laguna. Whoever goes on a discovery with a magic wand and a magic card, can really do magic with the right spell and the accompanying magic movement.


Photo: Toverland