Working together for a new slide

The playground club Middelweg in Nieuw Lekkerland, the Netherlands, was founded in 1948. With support from local companies a number of swings, seesaws, tumblebars and a sandbox was placed.

Not only then was working with volunteers and local companies a good thing for the playground club, also in 2018 everyone works together for their Middelweg playground. The slide in the playground was due for replacement, but the tower that was there was still good and had to remain the starting point for the slide.

The playground club has saved and collected money, and opted for a solution of quality. The stainless steel slide is completely custom made by IJslander. The 13-meter-long and 5-meter high slide fits well with the tower and can last for decades. The volunteers themselves had done the preliminary work, the removal of the old slide. Thanks to the help of these volunteers, the assembly went extra fast.

Now you can slide with pleasure from the slide. See how the installation of the slide went? Then view the photos below.