More sports on one location in Gettorf, Germany


At the end of 2016 the municipality of Gettorf, Germany is looking for Calisthenics devices for the new sports- and leisure center. She chooses BarForz moving equipment from IJslander.


Recently, the residents of Gettorf can use the new sports and leisure center. In order to connect the ‘inner’ of the sports center with the environment, the municipality asks a landscape architect to design the surroundings of the center.

The architect designs, next to a sports and running field, also a space for moving equipment for Calishtenics and Bootcamp lovers. This, because teenagers asked the municipality for this equipment. When purchasing the equipment it is clear that the devices have to be tough and firm. And vandalism resistant. To integrate the Calisthenics field into the environment, the municipality chooses sand under the devices.


Instruction sign

After some research, the architect discovers the BarForz Calisthenics moving devices from IJslander. Made of durable, vandalism resistant stainless steel and also reusable. Another advantage: there are instruction signs attached to the devices with the exercises that can be done on the device. The municipality and the architect choose BarForz equipment and German distributor Ebelt Handelsvertretung delivers the equipment. Meanwhile, the devices are installad at the sports and leisure center and are being used.

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BarForz track Gettorf, Germany