Meeting point for young and old in Uithuizen, the Netherlands


To be able to play and sport on one location, IJslander recently installed sports and play equipment at meeting point ‘De Strip’ at the Boukemapark in Uithuizen, municipality of Eemsmond, the Netherlands. This way young and old(er) meet each other in a playful manner.

The administration of the municipality of Eemsmond had one pressing question for her municipality: a meeting point in the village Uithuizen where young and old(er) would feel at home. To achieve this, the municipality founded a customer board group in which were parents, children, schools, arts and culture representatives and architects to design the meeting point. To realize this meeting space, the municipality issued a tender. IJslander won this tender, based on her expertise and preliminary research.

Play strip ‘De Roegte’

Based on the results of the customer board group, the zoning plan ‘Play Strip De Roegte’ has been drawn up. Among others a table tennis table, climbing equipment for children and three outdoor fitness devices for (young) adults are placed next to the new sports hall and sports canteen. And there is also a ‘natural play’ space (play hill) realized. Finally, a new school was opened next to the meeting place. A nice mix of sports and play for young and old!

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Meeting point 'De Strip', Uithuizen, the Netherlands