Play panel Fruit/Vegetable vario – Fixation to wall

Article 1999-422-01

Children ‘set’ their own meal with Play Panel Fruit/Vegetable. With the sliders they learn to separate the fruit and vegetables. At the same time, the children practice their hand-eye coordination. The panel can be placed separately with a device or can be used as a side plate in one of our larger playgrounds, such as the BYO and Madera series.

Play values of Play panel Fruit/Vegetable:
1. Socialising & Fantasy
2. Role play
3. Puzzling
4. Interaction

Benefits of separate playground equipment:

  • Play panel stimulates the fantasy and motor skills.
  • Play panel can be placed seperately.
  • Play panel can be integrated in larger play equipment.
  • Encourages exercise and interaction.
  • Combines well with playgrounds that have playground equipment with many play values for all ages.
Dimensions (LxWxH)
0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00
Age min-max
0 - 6 years
Fall height
0 m
Fall foundation
  • Article
  • Description
    Play panel Fruit/Vegetable vario - Fixation to wall
  • Age category up to
  • Length of equipment
    0.00 m
  • Width of equipment
    0.00 m
  • Height of equipment
    0.00 m
  • Safe zone length
    0.00 m
  • Safe zone width
    0.00 m
  • Fall foundation class
  • Number of people
  • Assembly hours (couple)
Explanation surface class
No fall surface needed.
Fall surface needed. Minimum natural surface (gras, sand, etc.)
Mandatory fall-absorbing surface. Thickness depends on the falling height.

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