Linekt Slide

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A long, brightly colored tube becomes a tumbling bar, then dives into the ‘ground’ to come up as a climbing rack, dives again and comes up as a football goal, chill bench or basket pole. In a funny way, the brightly colored lines on the ground connect the Linekt equipment and that stimulate children to play together. With this adventurous play equipment schoolyards and playgrounds become one big play paradise. The Linekt Slide is an abstract slide and is available in any standard RAL color.
Note: these pictures are an impression of the slide. IJslander only produces slides made of stainless steel.

Play values Linekt Slide:

  1. Socialising
  2. Sliding
  3. Climbing

Benefits Linekt play equipment:

  • Abstract shapes challenges children to develop their own game.
  • The lines invite children to follow them and to go on an adventure. This creates interaction.
  • Transparant structure, keeping sight lines open.
  • Available in any standard RAL colour.
Dimensions (LxWxH)
2.94 x 0.80 x 2.38
Age min-max
5 - 10 years
Fall height
1.22 m
Fall foundation
  • Article
  • Description
    Linekt Slide
  • Age category as of
  • Age category up to
  • Length of equipment
    2.94 m
  • Width of equipment
    0.80 m
  • Height of equipment
    2.38 m
  • Safe zone length
    6.44 m
  • Safe zone width
    3.80 m
  • Fall height
    1.22 m
  • Foundation m2 (min. calculation)
    26 m2
  • Fall foundation class
  • Total weight
    176 kg
  • Heaviest part
    95 kg
  • Assembly hours (couple)
Explanation surface class
No fall surface needed.
Fall surface needed. Minimum natural surface (gras, sand, etc.)
Mandatory fall-absorbing surface. Thickness depends on the falling height.

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