Calisthenics & Bootcamp

Enjoy outdoor sports and strengthen the body only using body weight. Our BarForz gyms for Calisthenics and Bootcamp are ideal for it! And, research proofs it, BarForz has an added value to the neighbourhood!


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Independent research
Because we like to know how our users experience our sports and play equipment, IJslander regularly conducts research. Last spring for example, an independent research and consulting organisation investigated the use of our BarForz equipment for Calisthenics and Bootcamp  enthusiasts in the Dutch city Groningen. And what turns out: 82% of the surveyed users are very satisfied with BarForz’s use, features, and appearance!

Social function
Ever since the BarForz gym arrived in the center of Groningen, it is used extensively by teenagers and young adults out of the district. But also by outdoor sports enthusiasts from other parts of the city. They find it no trouble at all to travel 15-minutes for a nice outdoor workout; according to the research. And because the equipment is always accessible, enthusiasts train during the day and evening. The survey also shows that 59% of the respondents exercise at least once a week on the BarForz equipment on average or high intensity.

Residents are also asked how the experience the new sports equipment in the area. Their response is positive: BarForz fulfills a social function because, since the equipment arrived, this location is a meeting place where young people stimulate each other to sport and not just hang out. Neighbourhood residents therefore experience the BarForz equipment as an added value for their neighbourhood.

For everyone

To respond to the Calisthenics trend, IJslander developed the rugged BarForz XS, S, M and XL gyms of square posts and bars. Our BarForz gyms have been developed in collaboration with Calisthenics practitioners and meet all the sporting requirements. For example, the bars are suitable for each pair of hands and the clever arrangement of our gyms allows the exercises to be performed without interruption. Even the square uprights can be used as a staple for freestyle exercises. Of course, the BarForz gyms can also be used by other sports enthusiasts who like to work out in the open.

BarForz M beweegtoestel Calisthenics en Bootcamp

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BarForz M


IJslander has developed four different BarForz fields. The XS field is the core and can be extended into an S, M or XL field. Depending on the wishes and the available location. The BarForz gyms can be placed in parks and other public spaces. BarForz is a modular system that allows the moving devices to be easily linked and assembled.

The BarForz gyms are suitable for men and women from 16 years of age. Look at for all features of our BarForz moving devices.

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