Kicking as hard as Ronaldo: it’s possible in the Citybox

Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs has performed a noise measurement for IJslander. This is a study of peak levels as a result of football shots in the Citybox of IJslander. The noise measurement was performed at the Citybox on the Makassarplein in Amsterdam. This football cage was placed in October 2013.

In order to carry out the measurement in such a way that it can be repeated, Nieman used a ‘football gun’. This device shoots balls at a speed of 120 km/h. This speed corresponds to the maximum speed at which young people can shoot. And is comparable to an average free kick by Christiano Ronaldo.

When the ball hits the Citybox, the cables from our 5-year-old Citybox produce a noise of only 80dB(A). As an indication: the noise of 80 dB is comparable to a doorbell and an overflowing jet fighter makes a sound of 130 dB.

So who dares to kick the ball like Ronaldo in the Citybox? In any case, the neighborhood (almost) won’t hear it!