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Time to go outside: 7 benefits of exercising outside!

The sunny weather invites us to go outside and to be active. A good workout helps you become fitter but also gives you a good, satisfying feeling. And if we are being honest, doing sports outside is just great fun! Still not convinced? In this blog we give you 7 reasons exercise outdoors.

Fun with Water Games

Water fascinates young and old alike. Especially in summer time, there is nothing more exciting than playing outdoors and splashing around. IJslander offers the perfect solution for your water playground: Pick your favourite elements from the brochure and combine them to create your very own, individual water playground.  

Invest in play and exercise!

Even today it is important for all of us, young and old, to keep playing and moving. Getting a breath of fresh air helps us build resistance and stay healthy. And even after this crisis, we all want to go outside and use public space. But we need your help: We join the appeal of …

IJslander equipment now has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in Denmark

Our agent CADO launches Denmark’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled equipment for playgrounds and sports grounds with IJslander devices. This way kindergartens, schools, housing associations and municipalities have the opportunity to go for Nordic Swan Ecolabel playground equipment next time they are choosing equipment for their playground or sport grounds.   Nordic Swan Ecolabel for Playground …

The Citybox is accessible for wheelchairs

Besides that our Citybox contains sturdy cables and is low noise, it is also possible to make the Citybox accessible to the disabled. The newest Cityboxes from IJslander can be extended with an entrance for wheelchairs. The first was placed in Den Helder on the Vinkenterrein (The Netherlands). The Citybox wheelchair access is designed so that …